Translations gives more traffic

Translation of text

One way to increase the traffic to your website is to translate it into more languages. Take a look at what clients you have today and which clients you want to approach. To add one or more languages could be the first step to get more clients. Which languages, depends on your business and what market you want to reach. Sometimes it isn't necessary to translate the whole website, but to do marketing directly towards another country, there has to be the most important information in the national language.

Content for the web - the conclusion first

Content writing

Why you need to have the most important information on the top of your web site.

Let's say that you are a manufacturer of egg timers. To sell those you make a leaflet stating how important it is to use an egg timer and that yours are the best there is, in that order. On your website you have to tell the same thing but in the opposite order. First that you make the best egg timer there is and then how important it is to use one.

The reason for this is that when people talk about browsing the Internet in search for the information they need, they also tend to browse the results they get. When they see a description for a website that gives at least a hint about what they are searching for, they click and they scan just a bit of that page. If that page has a poorly written content or the information is in the wrong order, they just leave and go to another site. If you have the hits on your web site but the visitors don't stay more than a couple of seconds, there probably is a need to rewrite your content.