Newsletter - The autumn 2014

It is now October and the fall has made inroads even in Spain. Here in southern Spain the climate is pleasant this time of the year, the summer heat is gone but it is still warm with northern European standards. Autumn is also the time for all sorts of events - all sorts of parties, exhibitions, openings and concerts are relentless. It's also harvest time for grapes and many other crops.

Autumn in Spain

Some autumn pictures from Andalusia, the southern part of Spain.

The beach in La Cala de Mijas Feria in Fuengirola Calle Larios in Málaga
There is plenty of room on the beaches. Party times in all cities and villages. There is always something going on in Málaga.
Sailboats outside Benalmádena A Theatre in Málaga Roasted chestnuts
The sea invites you to activities, such as sailing. The theaters are in full swing. Autumn also means roasted chestnuts.

Articles are a great marketing tool

Well-written articles are a great marketing asset for more or less anything, both on-line and in paper format. But when it comes to the Internet, there are some traps to avoid. One of the reasons to put up articles on the Internet is to rise in the Google rankings and then get found in the search results from prospective clients. There is an insidious trap to be avoided; "Duplicate Content". A common approach when writing articles, is to search on-line and then cut and paste. The risk with this is that Google sees that you have copied and then you get punished for it, you may even be completely erased from the Google index. Therefore, you should be careful with this and write the articles from scratch, if you cut / paste you have to at least rewrite the content. Especially if it is the same or similar languages that you use.

There are many other traps when it comes to "Duplicate Content", one is that you have several similar pages on your own website. It's not entirely unusual to have a page to look at and another that is made in the "printer-friendly format." In this case, you may block the latter from indexing, either with a meta tag called "noindex" or store the page in a folder that has been blocked with a robot-file (robots.txt).

This was just a couple of the most common reasons when you can encounter punishment because of "Duplicate Content". There is many more, but in most cases it is quite easy to solve the problems with relatively simple measures.

Information and offers from local businesses:

Hotel Tamisa Golf offers some interesting golf packages at Mijas Golf. The price list is for 2015, but it's the same prices for this autumn 2014. The hotel is also a popular wedding hotel. They also have Christmas and New Year Offers.

Tore Line transports household goods and other goods worldwide, but is specialized for transports between Scandinavia and Spain. He also paints canvases inspired mainly from Spain and Norway, see his virtual art gallery.

Pet Vet Kamu, our local vet in Fuengirola help you with your pets, the website also has an interesting and useful article directory.

M.P.A.Homes is a well established Real Estate Agency that can give you different options throughout the Coastal and Inland areas of the Costa del Sol.


One of the many golf courses

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