Newsletter - Ahead of Christmas and New Year

We have long planned to publish a newsletter a few times a year, the time has unfortunately not been enough. We have prioritized this up so here's a letter with Christmas overtones.

Christmas in Spain

Some pictures from Christmas preparations in our part of the world - southern Spain.

Christmas market in La Cala Lucia Christmas market in Centro Idea
Christmas market in
La Cala de Mijas.
Lucia at the Swedish
School in Fuengirola.
Christmas market in
Centro Idea, Mijas Costa.
Christmas tree in Los Boliches A roundabaout Nativity scene
A Christmas tree in
Los Boliches
A roundabout in
Mijas Costa
Nativity scene in
Mijas Pueblo

Christmas in Spain lasts until Epiphany, we will attempt to get some time off. We are working as usual on weekdays, as the majority of our clients. But some of them have now the year's busiest days. Hotel Tamisa Golf has lots of events during the holidays, even on Christmas Eve. Our veterinary clinic PetVetKamu will unfortunately get into chocolate poisoned dogs and our dentists patients for whom Christmas food has been too hard to chew. But some have it a bit easier, Tore Line the removal man, have it easy during the Christmas season and sits on his mountain painting. MPA Homes, the Real estate agency at our seaside resort, has also not too hard .

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Town Hall

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